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The Row

The Row: a simple clear flow of luxury and gorgeous

A sense of home

It’s an unseasonably hot May in Los Angeles. The two block walk from my rental car to 8440 Melrose Place nearly melts me. I want to go swimming. Luckily, Mary-Kate and Ashley have a pool.

“May I?” I ask the first pleasant, demurely dressed staffer I see upon entering The Row’s two year old flagship store through the triple height (if you’re an Olsen) glass door. She smiles and motions towards a basket of plush towels situated next to the glistening water. “Go for it,” she dares.

But I baulk. I’m fresh off the plane from New York, I tell myself. My skin is the color of alabaster. And besides, neither of the middle aged women perusing the beautiful wares on sale here would opt, if pressed, to watch me splash about in the courtyard like a fly in a martini. I decide to take a lap around the space instead, and let the air conditioning work its magic.

A muse of the history

At a time when retail is withering like an uncared for houseplant, nothing is more refreshing than a store that makes one feel. The Row does this. And it’s not just the pool, or the glass walls, or the rotating lineup of Midcentury Holy Grails (all for sale) that grace its sparse, neutral hued, architect tweaked interiors. It is the fantasy; The Row is an exacting LA dream ushered in by the two girls who perhaps know it better than any.

“We wanted to create a space that ultimately reflected a way of life, that felt like a home,” says Ashley Olsen, almost obviously. Neil Diamond once owned the property where the store now sits. Then Sally Hershberger had her salon here – when the Olsens were little girls, they got their hair cut a few feet from where I’m now admiring a cognac suede handbag so perfect in its construction, it pains the eye. “When we saw the space come up for sale,” says Mary-Kate, “we had to have it. It was a part of our narrative, our history.”

About the brand

The Row, an American clothing brand founded by The olsen sisters. The Row, The ready-to-wear label founded by fashion sisters mary-kate and Ashley Olsen Twins in 2006, is a collection of tailored pieces that combine timeless chic with premium fabrics, making it popular with young americans. Now their high-end line extends to all kinds of other fashion items.

As for The Row’s design concept, Ashley Olsen explains: The Row is not inferior to perfect in any aspect. The Row has a high quality and easy to wear single product or suit, which makes fashion modern and shows The most beautiful side of women. The Row’s silhouette may be innovative minimalism or exaggerated proportions, but it is still in traditional fabrics or vertical cuts, and The main tone doesn’t deviate from black, white, ivory and gray, with occasional bright highlights. The Row series has The feeling that The Olsen sisters want to be visible and want to be visible. After all, they have been living in The spotlight since their childhood.

Elegant style

The Row’s clothes show an aristocratic elegance, and use gentle gestures to show The sheen and softness of The fabric, which is quite charming. Adopt more acme contracted color, cut line to present the core of a brand. Be like the black of silhouette, white, grey and downy low chroma tone is this a series of colour base, from simple high collar jacket, the shirt that reveals a woman to be able to work the breath, suit set, to fit body skirt, with the simplest line matting gives a woman the most acme elegant fashion. For the current focus on gorgeous and topical fashion circle, a simple flow of clear, let people love.

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