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LCD: To Keep Your Phone LCD STELLA Muchly

Iphone X’s Screen

The highly anticipated iPhone X, marks a turning point for Apple. The estimated design elements that people have accustomed to over the years are now all completely gone. And yet the phone is somehow still instantly recognizable as an iPhone. That’s a feat considering nearly every Android phone maker has copied the iPhone X. But try as they might, they still can’t manage to build a phone that’s anywhere near as impressive as iPhone X. They don’t have the budget or the technique to eliminate the bottom “chin” bezel like Apple did. The company’s solution involves using a bendable OLED screen and a brilliant feat of engineering. And no Android phone company can pull it off. Apple also uses stainless steel instead of aluminum. This gives the iPhone X a distinct premium feel unlike anything you can find out there among all the iPhone clones.

Durable LCD

Though there is no doubt about the technology and quality of the new iPhone, the vulnerability of the LCD is still not effectively addressed. And people are still eager for a stronger and more durable LCD. Focusing on the manufacture quality and core technology, it is worth recommending an outstanding supplier, Co-light, specializing in different types and sizes of  LCDs. Including iPhone、HUAWEI、iPad etc., for better experience of mobile phone users.

Reliable LCD Supplier

Guangzhou Co-light Electronic Technology Co., LTD., is a comprehensive professional IT product enterprise of great scale and strength in the industry. During these years, we are vigorously developing our business and selling products to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world. By virtue of excellent quality, reasonable price, high quality after-sales service, we have won the trust and praise of customers at home and abroad.

Our company mainly sells wholesale mobile phone display screen, touch screen, line arrangement, battery. All kinds of mobile phone accessories are popular among consumer market. We enjoy a high status among consumers. We have established long-term stable cooperation with numerous retailers and agents. Furthermore, we hold the strong belief that “Customer first. Integrity management and Team spirit” will lead us to profit and success!

Adhering to the principle of “complementary advantages. Joint development and Win-win cooperation”, we sincerely hope to work with you to achieve common development.

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Wholesale iPhone 7 LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly

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