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Power Bank

Power Bank: A New Generation of Power Bank Comes

What will you bring with you when going out? A cell phone, of course.

Except for cell phone? A charger, of course.

For younger generation, a cell phone without electricity is like a man without a soul. There is no doubt that people are demanding higher and for greater quality, safety, outlook and convenience of a electronic product. If a charger does not meet any of the above requirements, they will say NO.

Are you still using traditional cell phone charger?

The drawbacks of traditional phone charger

  1. Not smart, the mobile phone is easy to get hot while charging.
  2. Too heavy and inconvenient to carry out
  3. The charging line is long and complicated that users cannot use the cellphone freely

In order to reduce the burden of going out and make charging not limited by the charging line, charging anywhere, anytime, playing games, the POWER BANK PHONE CASE arouse at the historic moment.

Why should we choose power bank phone case?

  1. Sophisticated design

Diversified pattern design and matching, good materials and accurate hole Settings can better protect the phone.

  1. Multi-function support

Support bluetooth connection、voice calls and listening to music while charging

  1. Protect your cell phone from damage.

Intelligent adaption to current, charge not hot, avoid over-charged automatically

  1. Simplificationand Convenience.

Wireless, Smaller size, lighter weight and simple but fashionable appearance help you free your pocket and heart

  1. Dual-use

It’s both a charger and a phone case with high cost-effectiveness which can meet your doubles for phone.

How to buy it?

Smart core technology, quick charging, non-damage to the battery, more intelligent and safer, quality assurance and competitive price, the PERFECT PHONE CHARGER is now offered by Guangzhou Co-light Electronic Technology Co., LTD.

Guangzhou Co-light Electronic Technology Co., LTD. is a young and vibrant team specializing in phone accessories of different brands and sizes. We are experiment with iPhone Lcds, earphones, speaker, power banks etc. We are confident that all the consumers will be tempted by our top quality and most satisfied price of our products.

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Portable power bank for iphone 6/7/8/x 5.8 inches wholesale

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