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Super September is the biggest annual sales event, of Guangzhou Co-light Electronic Technology Co., LTD. You can get special offers on wholesale products in consumer electronics. This year’s Super September Promotion, will run from September 4 to 30 , lasting four full weeks. Come here, we are waiting for you!

Annual Promotion

First of all, Super September focuses on bringing together buyers’ attention, as well as offering us access to the best possible deals on the market. On one hand, this promotion aims to let each other carry the online trading activities, with efficient costs and fewer barriers. On the other hand, we are eager to seizing new business opportunities, by making easy contact and establishment with new friends. Thus, dont miss out the good chance!

Explosive Discount

UP TO 50% OFF! Savings and discounts all around our store! We certainly offer the best price for phone accessories, lcds, touch screens, earphones, speakers, power banks, wireless chargers,etc. The more quantities you buy, the more money you save and the more profits you earn.

Golden Supplier

Guangzhou Co-light Electronic Technology Co., is an experienced supplier with professional electronic services and competitive prices. Our products have been exported to many countries. We have established stable relationships with numerous mobile phone repair shops and companies around the world, and won their trust and support. For Super September, we are sure to offer you BEST DISCOUNT, BEST QUALITY, BEST SERVICE and prompt delivery!

Contact Us

Above all, it is an uncommon chance made for you only once a year, 2 WEEKS ON THE COUNTDOWN! Are you ready to join the rush? Offer is subject to availability. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and get your bright business now!

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