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5 levels of iphone x lcd

5 levels of iphone x lcd, how to distinguish?

There are 5 levels of iphone X lcd available in iphone parts market. First of all, The first one is ORIGINAL IPHONE X LCD. The second one is HALF OF ORIGINAL, including original lcd and high copy digitizer. Both of them are the best qualities in the market, while attached with high price. The third, we call OEM IPHONE X LCD HARD SCREEN, is 1:1 display as original lcd assembly. The fourth one is as same as the third one, it is also 1:1 display as original, but we call it OEM IPHONE X LCD SOFT SCREEN. The only difference between the third and the fourth is that, the latter has an “unbroken” screen, (only when your iphone x falls down by accident instead of deliberate destruction ). The worst quality we call OEM IPHONE X LCD , is all high copied with high copy touch screen and high copy lcd .

Above all, if you want to buy a iphone x lcd assembly according to the price of iphone x lcd, it goes high to bottom as original iphone x lcd, half original iphone x lcd, OEM hard screen iphone x lcd, OEM solf screen iphone x lcd, high copy iphone x lcd. So be careful of being cheated when buying iphone display!

Therefore, The best seller of these items is OEM solf scrren iphone x lcd. If you want to know the exact price of these items and have other problems, fell free to contact me.

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