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Apple has launched three new models of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on Sept 12. All the new iphones are using Apple’s A12 bionic chip instead of 7nm. So how much better is the A12 bionic chip compared to previous generations? We saw a big surprise in the iPhone XS running score just released by a Chinese assessment organization.

This score chart is the first apple A12 processor data from iPhone XS, with a total score of over 360,000. Apple said that compared with the A11 bionic chip, the speed improvement of the A12’s two core performance is up to 15%, and the energy efficiency of the four core energy efficiency is up to 50%. At the same time, the GPU of A12 is upgraded to quad-core, designed by apple. The performance is 50% higher than that of the GPU on A11, and it also supports surface segmentation, multi-layer rendering and lossless memory compression.

However, the A12’s actual score is even more surprising than the official promotion! Compared with A11 processor iPhone 8 plus, the CPU of iPhone XS promotes nearly 1/3, the GPU performance almost doubled, UX scores increased 50%, memory/storage performance increses close to 20%. What a great score that makes others trembling!.

The iphone XS is still in pre-sales, and there are a number of puzzles about its performance and function. The most curious thing for consumers is their LCD screen. The style and quality of the LCD screen of iphone has always been a favorite topic of common talk. Compared with the previous iphones, the biggest change of iphone X introduced by apple is that it chose OLED instead of LCD. Though Apple’s tuning on the LCD screen is excellent, it doesn’t stop OLED from its own powerful advantages. That’s why Apple chose OLED screen for the iPhone X. We are not sure what surprise will the new iphone’s display screen will bring for consumers? Let’s see.

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