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How to extend the life of the data cables?

As we all know, the development of economy is getting faster. The living standard of people is becoming higher and higher. At the same time, the price of the products is becoming more and more expensive. So, how to choose the products with best Price and high quality?That is a big question for us.

The data cables are common products in our lives. Cracking at the data cable interface is a problem we often encounter. A normal use of the data cable, about a year or even a few months, will not work. So it is a consumable items.

How to choose the data cables?

People always choose the cable in the follow ways.

(1)The appearance of the data cable

(2)The speed of electricity transmission

(3)The length of the data cables

(4)The model of their phone,because difference phones have different ports.

(5)The price the data cables

We all know that there are a lot of different data cables in the market. They are produced by different material,which are metal sheet metal parts, metal cables, hard insulating plastics, PVC insulation, magnetic rings.The life of data cables made of different materials is different. So how to choose a good quality data cable and protect the data cable from damage is crucial.

Our company

Guangzhou co-light electronic technology co., LTD is a strong team specializing in mobile phone accessories of different brands and sizes, including data cables of good quality and long life. The company has also developed ways to protect data lines from damage. Methods as below.

First: Plug and pull as gentle as possible when pulling the data cable, do not be so simple and rude, try to be gentle.

Second: To avoid close to the heat source, we all know that the skin of the data cable is gelatinous, if close to the sun or very hot mobile power will cause thermal expansion and contraction, of course, it is easy to break.

Third: The interface is equipped with spring. This method is the most popular on the Internet, but also the most adopted by people. Very simple, just take out the used ballpoint spring. Then stretch it a little longer, slowly loop into the data cable, and then rotate it to fix it.

Fourth: The interface is wrapped around the tape is also very practical, but it is slightly ugly. Clear plastic can not, easy to degumming. It is best to use a tape wrapped around the pipe.

Fifth: The oil softens. The new data cable is stiff. We can put the newly purchased data cable under the sun and soften it, then apply a little oil. From then on, the two ends will not be broken, but not all data cables are suitable for this method.

If you are interested in data cables and would like to know more about our company’s products, please feel free to contact us!

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