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How to choose the right Bluetooth Speaker for yourself?

The quality of a bluetooth speaker depends on the built-in Bluetooth module.

What is a Bluetooth module?

The Bluetooth module is composed of a chip, a PCB board, and peripheral devices. The best Bluetooth module available today is CSR. The reason is that it has strong compatibility, and after the connection with the mobile device, its stability performance is also the most powerful, so the speaker with CSR Bluetooth module performance is more stable.

Of course, some of the poor quality Bluetooth speaker on the market use low-cost Bluetooth modules. These products not only have a large amount of heat, but also are not stable enough to connect with the device. This is why we use a particularly cheap Bluetooth speaker. It is very susceptible to interference or disconnection.

It is also important to note that the Bluetooth protocol supported by a Bluetooth speaker is also important. For a more stable connection, choose a higher Bluetooth protocol. At present, the mainstream is Bluetooth version 4.1 and 4.2. These two versions have the advantages of low power consumption, stable signal transmission, fast connection speed and good anti-interference ability.

NFC feature

Another noteworthy feature is the NFC feature, the official interpretation of this feature is near field communication technology, which allows for contactless point-to-point connections between electronic devices. On the Bluetooth speaker, NFC is a fast connection mode of Bluetooth. Everyone knows that Bluetooth speakers and mobile phones must first turn on the Bluetooth and search devices when pairing with the mobile phone. The NFC function does not need to be so cumbersome. You only need to put the mobile phone (you need to pay attention). It is also necessary to support the NFC function on the mobile phone. It is very convenient to complete the Bluetooth connection with a touch of the NFC area on the speaker. This feature is currently very popular with Android users, and of course it is very easy to use.

For a speaker, the sound quality is of course very user care. Although Bluetooth transmission has a loss in signal transmission efficiency, this loss is irrelevant for the average user. Of course, I still recommend that everyone should try to listen (their ears will not lie to themselves). Many cheap bluetooth speakers on the market now look very stylish, but the sound quality is very bad. The manufacturer’s exaggerated propaganda deceives some users. After the purchase, they found that they could not hear the sound.

battery life

When it comes to battery life, the first thing to say is that the Bluetooth speakers on the market are mainly divided into two types: home and outdoor. We don’t have to care too much about the endurance of the home Bluetooth speaker (it’s fine with the charger). However, the outdoor Bluetooth speaker’s battery life needs attention. For example, when we are traveling, outdoor Bluetooth speakers come in handy, and everyone can share music together. But if the music speaker that has just been placed for 2 hours is out of power, then it is awkward. Therefore, the endurance of a portable Bluetooth speaker is very important for daily use.

In the era of widespread Bluetooth, Bluetooth speakers will be more feature-rich in the future, compatibility will be stronger, and sound quality will be better and better. We will talk about the selection guide for Bluetooth speakers. If friends are interested in Bluetooth speakers, you can learn about our company—– Guangzhou co-light electronic technology co., LTD, focusing on different brands and sizes of mobile phone phoneparts, We are experimenting with iPhone Lcds, headphone,bluetooth speaker, mobile power source and so on.

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