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the service life of power bank

How to extend the service life of power bank?

The service life of power bank

With the advent of mobile phones, various mobile phoneparts have come to the fore, and power bank is one of them.

People are also worried about the service life of power bank and the safety of consumers. Our life is inseparable from the power bank. In today’s society, the quality of mobile power cannot be unified. We can only choose a better quality power bank. The rational use of electricity banking is crucial.

Power bank related issues

1. The power bank has bulging, liquid leakage or odor. This situation indicates that the internal battery has been damaged.

2, being overwhelmed or violently hitting the power bank, the small collision is good, if it falls from a height, or a heavy object, it should be used with caution.

3. Be wary of overheating power bank. It is normal to have slight heat during charging. However, if there is a hot condition, it is strongly recommended to suspend charging first, put the power bank in a relatively safe position, and then consider whether to continue after observinguse.

How to use power bank correctly

1. Avoid bumping, especially when not careful. Products such as electrical appliances have always been unable to withstand bumps, and mobile power supplies are no exception. Small power bank are actually complex battery cells. When they are bumped or squeezed, they may break the components inside, especially some people like to go with them. Put the power bank under the seat, or put it on the bedside table, and press it with various magazine books. Please note that this is a cell that can easily damage the mobile power supply.

2. Pay attention to temperature and humidity. I think everyone has had such an experience. If the weather is wet, especially when going back to the South, the TV will turn a little blurry and the color will be distorted. This is the effect of humidity on the appliance. Of course, power bank  is no exception, so try to avoid storing the mobile power in an environment where the temperature and humidity are too extreme. If the weather is humid, you can use it more frequently and charge it. This is also a good way to protect it. method.

3. Try not to use it without being fully charged. This is like the maintenance method of the mobile phone battery. The mobile phone battery generally does not advocate the use of the battery when the charging is not completed, and the power bank supply is also the same. Before the power bank source charges the mobile phone, you must first fully charge the power bank itself. In the process, try to avoid interruption when the charging is not completed, because it will also damage its life. 

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