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the secret of Christmas

The secret of Christmas you want to know

The secret of Christmas

It is said that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary because of the birth of the Holy Spirit. God sent the messenger Gabriel to tell Joseph in his dreams, and told him not to ask her because she was pregnant without marriage. Instead, she would be married to her and call the child “Jesus”, meaning that he will save the people from their sins.

When Mary was about to give birth, the Roman government ordered that all people go to Bethlehem to declare their household registration. Joseph and Mary had to obey. When they arrived in Bethlehem, the sky was faint, but they could not find a hotel to stay overnight. Only one horse shed could stay. Just then, Jesus was born. So Mary only gave birth to Jesus on the manger. In order to commemorate the birth of Jesus, the descendants set December 25th as Christmas.

December 25 is the birth of the Persian sun god (the god of light) Mithra, a pagan festival, and the sun god is also one of the Roman gods. This day is the winter solstice of the Roman almanac. The pagans who worship the sun god regard this day as the hope of spring and the beginning of the recovery of all things. For this reason, the Roman church chose this day as Christmas. This is the secret of Christmas.

Christmas date

Later, most churches accepted Christmas on December 25. During the Christmas tide, churches across the country can celebrate Christmas during the festival according to local conditions. Since most churches recognized Christmas on December 25th, the original Lord’s display on January 6th only commemorated the baptism of Jesus, but the Catholic Church also designated January 6th as the “Three Kings of the North” to commemorate the story of worship. When Jesus was born, the three kings of the East (ie three doctors).

Now with the widespread spread of Christianity, Christmas has become an important festival for sectarian Christians and even the majority of non-Christian people. People have begun to celebrate Christmas.

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