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Does the quality of the headphones affect your health?

Music therapy, the quality of headphones directly affects your health?

There are always things that are irritating in life and at work. At this time, most people will worry about their troubles.

However, there is no irritating feeling of dispelling, threatening people’s health step by step, whether psychological or physical.

In life, emotion is a way for people to express themselves first. But people often ignore it. It has led to more and more mental illnesses and has evolved into terrible physical diseases.

In modern medicine, music can be used as a medical means to ease or calm people’s emotions. But people still don’t know enough about music therapy.

But you can see that most people on the subway on the street will wear headphones and listen to music. I think they want to find a trace of calm in this bustling city, but also let the music wash their emotions. However, you can always find out in the crowds that come and go. Everyone’s headphones are always different.

The quality of the headphones can directly affect the efficacy of music therapy. A poor quality earphone not only does not achieve the effect of soothing emotions, but also damages the user’s ears.

Wireless headphones have many advantages:

reduce cell phone radiation

Although the radiation brought by the telephone headphone is negligible, it is very tiring to hold the phone for a long time. Using the Bluetooth headphone can prevent the radiation of the mobile phone ,make it easier to answer the call. Reducing cell phone radiation can also be said to be an obvious advantage of Bluetooth headphones.2

Protect personal safety

After the introduction of the new traffic law, it is illegal to drive and make calls. Then Bluetooth headphones can solve such problems, and they can be opened seriously when driving. When driving, wireless headphones not only ensure that important calls are not missed, but also focus on driving. While ensuring safety, no important information will be lost.3

Release your hands

In addition to driving, you can also wear Bluetooth headphones in your life, such as when you are crowding the bus and squeezing the subway, you can let the Bluetooth headphone come in handy, and you can use the Bluetooth headphone to answer the phone, but also work. And more and more wireless headphones are beginning to support voice assistants, which means that wireless headphones outside the phone can also open more usage scenarios.4

Voice chat artifact

Use your mobile phone to chat with your girlfriend and boyfriend. For a long time, the hand of the mobile phone will always feel sour, so you don’t have to hold the mobile phone to listen to the phone when using the Bluetooth headphone.

Which Bluetooth headphones are better on the market?

Nowadays, there are more and more varieties of earphones, and the appearance of small earphones brings more convenience to people. There are many types of small headphones, I7S, I7mini, I9S, X8. These four small headphones are relatively good Bluetooth headphones, sound quality is good, will not damage the ears, easy to carry.

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