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iPhone Motherboard

How to solve the leakage problem of the iPhone motherboard?

Today, 60% of people use the iPhone. Because the system of Apple’s mobile phone is really smoother than the Android system, it is justifiable to attract a large number of consumers. But many people will encounter such a situation: the iPhone is difficult to charge. So what about the leakage of the iPhone motherboard? Let me take a look at it together!

1. iPhone Motherboard Leakage Symptoms

The characteristic of the leakage of the iPhone motherboard is that the power consumption is extremely fast, and the mobile phone continues to be hot.In addition, severe heating during charging also indicates that the phone board is leaking.

And when the iPhone has a motherboard failure, there may be many kinds of performances. The network has no service, the power consumption of the mobile phone is abnormal, and so on.How to Solve the Leakage of iPhone Motherboard?

2.How to Solve the Leakage of iPhone Motherboard?

When you are not using your phone, you can switch to sleep mode by pressing the power button. You can also turn on the power save mode, as follows: Settings – Power Save Mode – Slide On. You can also close unnecessary applications through the Task Manager (long press the home button for two seconds). Turn off Bluetooth, location, push notifications, etc. to increase standby time without affecting normal use. Also, cancel the automatic synchronization of the application. Also, reduce the backlight time and lower the brightness of the display.iPhone Motherboard Leakage Costs

3.iPhone Motherboard Leakage Costs

If there is a leakage of the motherboard on the iPhone, this is a more complicated problem. Many chips on the motherboard, including CPU, memory, board line, one of them will be unable to boot, and professional testing is required to determine which part is broken. If the repair is made, the price is very expensive. But in fact, it is better to not repair the motherboard, because such problems may still occur after the repair. Therefore, the practice is to replace a new battery.

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