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The secrets about the Spring Festival

As we all know, the Spring Festival is China’s most solemn traditional festival. It embodies the Chinese nation’s ideological beliefs, ideals, life, entertainment, and cultural psychology. It is also a carnival show of blessings, food, and entertainment. Some countries and nations also have the custom of celebrating the New Year.

The meaning of the Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is a new day in addition to the old cloth. Although the Spring Festival is scheduled for the first day of the first lunar month, the activities of the Spring Festival are not limited to the first day of the first month of the first month. Since the beginning of the small year, people have begun to “busy years”: worshiping stoves, sweeping dust, buying new year’s goods, posting red, shampooing, bathing, and so on. All these activities have a common theme, that is, “resigning the old and welcoming the new” .

The core content of the Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is a happy and peaceful festival, a day of family reunion, and a carnival and eternal spiritual pillar for people to express their happiness and freedom. Before the holidays, people who have left their hometowns will return home as much as possible to reunite with their loved ones and share their family fun. On New Year’s Eve, the whole family gathered together to eat the “Reunion Dinner”. The elders distributed the “New Year’s Money” to the children, and then “shoulders” to welcome the New Year. During the festival, friends and relatives visit each other to celebrate the feelings of relatives and friends and the good wishes for the new year.

Chinese New Year holiday

Generally, the Spring Festival holidays are about 10 days.All people come home from work to celebrate the Spring Festival. Of course, during the Spring Festival holidays, there are also inconvenient things. All express delivery was interrupted during the Spring Festival. The store is also. Therefore, we have formed another custom. It is to do New Year’s shopping before the Spring Festival, buy a bunch of things you need.

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