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Does the quality of the headphones affect your health?


Music therapy, the quality of headphones directly affects your health? There are always things that are irritating in life and at work. At this time, most people will worry about their troubles. However, there is no irritating feeling of dispelling, threatening people’s health step by step, whether psychological or physical. In life, emotion is a way for people to express themselves...

The meaning of the existence of wireless headset


The headset is a great invention that allows us to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. For some people, wearing a headset cord around their neck is always a hassle. The emergence of wireless headset quickly solved many problems for us. And brought a lot of benefits to our lives. What is the wireless headset? Traditional headset transmit data via data cable.But wireless headset transmit data through wir...

Headphone: Let Your Ears Stay in A Spring Breeze


After a day’s busy work, doesn’t anyone eager to wear the headphones, enjoy a hot rock and roll or a lyrical blues, to forget the troubles in life , and stay in the heaven of music heaven. It must be full of wonderful melody, which is largely determined by your headphones. Nowadays, people are demanding more and more earphones. The sound quality and portable degree of earphones decide your e...