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How to think about the rapid development of phone case

Custom Design liquid quicksand phone case

As the phone’s screen becomes larger and more fragile.As a result,it created a phone case. It is used to protect the phone and extend its service life. In recent years, with the launch of the iPhone and the increase of high-end phones.The phone case style and functions have also begun to appear diversified. The rise of the phone case is worth exploring. The lack of innovation is troubling ha...

Iphone XS: The performance test score of iphone Xs

Iphone Xs

Apple has launched three new models of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on Sept 12. All the new iphones are using Apple’s A12 bionic chip instead of 7nm. So how much better is the A12 bionic chip compared to previous generations? We saw a big surprise in the iPhone XS running score just released by a Chinese assessment organization. This score chart is the first apple A12 processo...

Promotion: Here’s A Big Gift Waiting For You To Open


Wake me up when September comes Super September is the annual promotion in Co-light Company. You can get special offers on wholesale products in consumer electronics. This promotion will run from September 4 to 30 , lasting four full weeks. Just 3 days later! Enjoy our discount right now! Preferential Trilogy 1.Lowest price with maximum discount than ever before 2.Free of commission charge 3.At m...